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Magnetic Cabinet Locks for your Kids Safety

Turn your home into a safe heaven for your baby with Lulasafe!

Ready-to-use in under 2 minutes

No drilling or tools required

Invisible from outside

$29.95 $59.95

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"Such a brilliant little invention. So easy to install and keeps little ones safe. I can't recommend these cabinet locks enough!"

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"These magnetic cabinet locks are the perfect solution for keeping my children safe and my cabinets secure. Easy to install, durable, and effective - I couldn't be happier with this product."

Give Your Child the Safety They Deserve

Prevent Accidents Before They Happen with Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks

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Prevent Trapped Fingers

Protect your child from getting their fingers caught in off-limit cabinets and drawers.

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Prevent Poisoning

Keep hazardous cleaning products and other toxic items away from your child's reach.

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Childproof Sharp Objects

Make sure your child doesn't get their hands on dangerous knives & hardware tools.

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Secure Medicine & Supplements

Childproof your medicine cabinet and keep pills and supplements away from your child.

The 100% Childproof Solution for Cabinets & Drawers

Up to 5x Safer than Other Brands

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No Drilling, No Damage

Install in under 60 seconds, no fuss, no mess.

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Withstands 140+ lbs of Pull Force

100% protection against babies, toddlers, and school-age kids.

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Extra Powerful Magnets

Effective with drawers & cabinets up to 2″ thick.

Secure Every Nook and Cranny of Your Home

Whether it's a kitchen cabinet or a storage drawer, Lulasafe provides maximum protection against little explorers

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360° Installation

The locks can be installed on the upper edge, the bottom, or even the sides of the cabinet.

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Childproof any Cabinet or Drawer

Perfect for kitchen/medicine cabinets, bathroom drawers, and any other place you want to keep off-limits.

But don’t just take our word for it

See what other parents have to say about Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Grab your
magnetic key


Hover the key
over the top of the lock.


That's it - it's open!

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Grab your
magnetic key

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Hover the key
over the top of
the lock.

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That's it -
it's open!

Enjoy the Peace of Mind with Lulasafe

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Trying to keep a curious toddler out of off-limits areas can be exhausting. Lulasafe has helped thousands of parents to protect their children from these dangerous spots and keep them out of harm's way.

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Industry-Leading Technology

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We take the extra step in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing our products to meet the highest expectations for quality, ergonomics, and functionality. It is this attention to detail that has earned Lulasafe the trust of thousands of parents around the world.

Currently, the market is flooded with low-quality magnetic locks. We strongly advise performing thorough research on the manufacturer before making the purchase.

What's inside
the box?

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Magnetic Locks & Latches

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Magnetic Keys & Key Holders

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Cradle (Installation Template)


Locks &

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Keys & Key

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Lulasafe vs. Other Brands

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Install just in 4 steps

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Step 1

Clean the surface where you will be placing the latch and the lock.

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Step 2

Insert the cradle (Installation Template) into the latch, Peel off the TESA adhesive tape backing and stick it on the cupboard.

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Step 3

Insert the lock into the cradle, and peel off the adhesive tape backing. Close the door letting the lock stick. Apply more pressure and allow 4 hours for the tape to dry.

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Step 4

Enjoy the safety of knowing your child can’t access dangerous materials!

Install just in 4 steps

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Clean the surface where
you will be placing the
latch and the lock.

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Peel off the adhesive 3M
backing on the latch and stick
it to the inside of the cabinet.

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Place the lock on the cabinet
door at the same level as the
latch. Allow 4 hours for the
adhesive tape to dry.

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Enjoy the safety of knowing
your child can’t access
dangerous materials!

Keep Your Family Safe & Secure with Our Bundle Deals!

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Full House Bundle

30 Locks & 8 Keys

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Kitchen Bundle

20 Locks & 4 Keys

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Starter Bundle

5 Locks & 1 Key

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I lose the key?

A: Each kit comes with at least 2 keys and if you lose a key you can use any stronger magnet instead.

Q: How long is shipping?

A: Standard shipping is usually 2-3 days in the U.S.A.

Q: Do they work on drawers?

A: Yes. They work on most drawers and cabinets.

Q: Are tools required to install?

A: Nope, these cabinet looks are specially designed to be installed without any tools.

Q: I've bought magnetic locks before. Sometimes they're impossible to open with the magnetic key!

A: That's true, most magnetic locks on the market are of poor quality and often fail to open. That's why Lulasafe Magnetic Keys are built with super strong high-quality magnets that are effective even at a 2" distance!

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